A salad kick

Have you ever noticed how people say that? “I’m kind of on a salad kick right now.” A salad …… kick? You said kick?

I don’t know why we use the word “kick” that way. It’s weird.

Anyway, I have not exactly been doing a lot of physical exercise these days when I have papers and stuff due. In fact this whole semester I have a LOT of studying to do, so I spend way too much time sitting on the couch reading commentaries, flipping flashcards, etc. Ben and I try to go for walks and bike rides with some regularity, and we have a membership at our neighborhood rec center, but we still don’t have the time to exercise as often as we’d like. But we’re still eating kind of a lot of food because, ya know, that’s what students do: study, chips, study, chocolate, study, popcorn, study ….:-P

So I thought it might be kind of fun to eat more salads. Especially for lunch. I guess you could say we are officially on a salad “kick” now. Last night I went grocery shopping and picked up some Greek salad dressing. Tonight I made a Greek salad with romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, chicken, and feta. It was really good and I don’t feel like I ate a brick. But my hands smell like onions…

Tomorrow I will probably make another salad for us with a bunch of different toppings on iceberg lettuce. Yes, I know, “iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value.” You know, people always say that with so much PANIC in their voices. Wow. Relaaaaaax. Maybe it has no nutritional value, but that doesn’t mean it has negative nutritional value. I guess it’s just like eating crunchy green water, and what’s so bad about that? Apparently we’re all supposed to drink like this ridiculously large amount of water each day, which I know I don’t even get close to doing.

Anyway, despite all that, I’m not much of an iceberg chick myself. But I recently found out it’s my husband’s favorite. So I figured I could make a salad with iceberg lettuce every now and then cause that floats his boat. :-)

So yes, that is the extent of the “salad kick” at this moment. I guess in a couple of days I will have to start thinking of more salads. I’m pretty sure egg salad counts for being on a salad kick, so I’ll probably make that one day for sandwiches because I haven’t made it in forever and my particular way of making egg salad is dang DELICIOUS.

After that, well ……….. suggestions accepted. :-D



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