Big day @ school…

This morning I had a paper due in my Exposition of Acts class. I also had to present to the class and handle questions from some seriously scholarly students. :/ Honestly, presentations freak me out … I get so nervous every time, and it doesn’t help that I don’t have much public speaking experience.

Soooo, I may or may not have bribed the class with homemade blueberry muffins. It worked, too. The teacher told me I got an “A” for bringing them. OK, OK, he was joking. But still.

I feel kind of amazing because the night before a big paper & presentation were due, I baked muffins from scratch AND painted my nails. And I was in bed by midnight. Oh yeahhh.

(The part about my house being semi-in-shambles, laundry still not folded, and dirty dishes piled up to the ceiling …. we just won’t talk about that. Cool?)

Anyway, the presentation today went really well. I am thankful and I am feelin’ good. Now I just have to finish out this workday and then it’s time to celebrate ….. by studying for my Greek midterm and writing another paper for my counseling class! WOOT!! :-D I really wanted to celebrate by, oh I don’t know, going shopping or doing something fun like that. But I’m going to try to hold off on that until the beginning of fall break (which is coming soon!).

My Greek midterm is next Tuesday. I’m not too worried about it but I do need to put in some hardcore study time to review everything from the last 6 weeks or so. And the paper I have to write for counseling class is due Thursday, and it’s not going to be as challenging as the one for Acts. Plus I already got a good start on it.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday. The weekend is close. I can smell it. ;-)



  1. Denise Thompson

    Hi Bethany – I am seriously behind commenting on all your fun messages and blogs. Hooray!! One down, two to go! Congratulations on conquering your Acts paper presentation. It is never easy to speak publically especially with questions?!? but you do have lots of experience speaking so know you did well…..And I was VERY relieved to hear you survived the hurricane with a ho-hum. None but…The Red Ant.

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