Happy 14th birthday to my liddle sister – my liddlest sister actually – Naomi.

When she was born I was 10 years old. I was thrilled to pieces to finally have another sister, instead of all those DUMB BROTHERS I’d been getting for the longest time.

Naomi was the cutest little kid ever. She was very fun and chill and she put up with us very well. That is saying a lot because she has 6 older brothers and sisters who are ANNOYING and who were/are constantly getting her into trouble or making her do really silly stuff.

Now she’s suddenly grown up and she’s at least as tall as me! Miraculously considering her upbringing as the youngest of 7, she’s turned out pretty normal … except for her obsessive love for horses, that is. ;-)

(These pictures are a year old but they’re fun … and fall-ish…)

Idyllic moments never last very long because it seems like there’s always a creepy brother around to mess up a perfectly good photo op…

Happy birthday Naomi. I’m glad you’re my sister … you’re fun, smart, pretty, talented, and you’ve got an amazing future ahead of you. Which, for your sake, I hope contains lots and lots of horses. :)



  1. Nomes

    Awwww…you’re a great sis too!! and most definitely better than all those dumb brothers. *mutter mutter*
    yeah, me and them horses…lolz…

    oh and yes, i’m actually 15…which would make Bethany…uh oh…thee most scary, and terrifying…25!! *dum de DUM*

    Love ya’ sis! :D

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