Wow, life has been so crazy lately. It seems like I never stop moving and I just barely have enough time to get everything done, IF I do manage to get it all done. With papers, a presentation, and a test all in the next few weeks I don’t think it will be slowing down until then. I’m tired a lot of the time, but yes this is the life of a student. :-)

My family’s visit last week was sensational. I had classes as usual, but I would take them sightseeing in the afternoons and then in the evenings Ben would get off work and we would have dinner together and hang out, play games or go get ice cream or something like that. It was great to see my parents, plus my three youngest siblings again and now I can’t wait until Christmas! My family ROCKS.

My good-looking siblings at Sandbridge Beach. Caleb & Jesse… (stop drooling ladies, they’re underage.)

Jesse and Naomi… ow ow!!

Hope you guys don’t mind me publishing pics of your hot selves on the internets. :-)


Today I am feeling a little bummed out because even though it’s Friday and I’m in dire need of some R&R, I’m not anticipating much of a weekend since I have tons of school work to do AND I have to work a retreat here at camp this weekend. :-/ Ben is trying to cheer me up though by taking me to the mall this evening. I haven’t been shopping in quite some time and my wardrobe is lacking some key fall pieces which makes it hard to get dressed quickly in the morning and out the door by 7 or 7:30 as my class schedule demands. The weather here is still quite warm (and HUMID, which is just so wrong for fall!), but the Powers That Be like to keep the classrooms at seminary freeeeeezing cold all the time. So I bundle up for class and then turn on the A/C in the car going home. It’s weird…

Anyway, I am stoked about going to the mall. :-) I can’t deny that I like shopping and usually find it pretty relaxing. If I can find any of the following items that are on my list, I will be happy…

  • Black skinny jeans or jeggings (GAP). I want to wear these for school layered under long tunic-style tops or short dresses. It’s soooo comfy, and since we’re supposed to dress professionally for school – no jeans even!! – it’s the closest I can get to going to school in my PJs. Not that I would ever do that anyway though…. wink wink.
  • A wide-ish leather belt
  • Some slouchy knit tunic-length tops to wear over aforementioned black skinnies/leggings (maybe from Express)
  • A white dress shirt to wear with pencil skirts or pants
  • Oxford shoes (not the ones with heels, although I do like that style too)
  • A mens’ red plaid flannel shirt to wear belted over jeans/skinnies/leggings. L.L. Bean has some that look good if I can’t find anything here.


Wellllllll, I should really get going because I’m supposed to be doing school right now. Haha!! I’m going to go get right on that, after I check my email just one more time and make sure the chocolate ice cream in the freezer isn’t, you know, melting or something.

Have a good one!

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