Our night at the swanky Founder’s Inn

Sooooooo I’m finally posting about the fun and relaxing 3-day weekend Ben and I took. We did a lot of awesome stuff that I will be posting about here and there when I get the time. But one of my favorite things we did was stay one night in a pretty luxurious hotel called Founder’s Inn. We had a certificate for a one night stay plus breakfast. We stayed there Saturday night and left around noon on Sunday.

Founder’s Inn is such a beautiful place. It’s furnished in a colonial style and has lovely restaurants, pools, and a garden overlooking a fountain. Our room was so cozy, and the bed was unbelievably comfy. I just sank into it. It was really hard to get out once you were in :)

When we got there in the afternoon we went swimming RIGHT away. We were hoping to use the outdoor pool but it was closed …. we still tested the water though, and it was COLD!! So then we didn’t mind swimming indoors. We had a great time – I could hardly get Ben to get out of the water. He is a big fish.

Then we got dressed to go out to dinner. We had a gift card to Olive Garden. We don’t go to Olive Garden very often, but we got there before the wait got too long, and we were both blown away by how good the food was. I had pasta with grilled shrimp, and it was delicious. Ben had skewers of grilled meat and vegetables and it was pretty yummy too (I know because I ate … several … bites!) For dessert, we couldn’t pass up the tiramisu. Olive Garden’s tiramisu is the best I’ve ever had – I love it!!

Here we are outside Olive Garden. Ben bought me that dress the day before!

After that we went ballroom dancing at the dance studio where we sometimes take lessons. They have parties on Friday nights where they play music and have some food, and people come and just dance the night away. It’s a lot of fun.

Dancing tires us out, so after that we called it a night. Besides, I wanted to spend as much time as possible in The Comfiest Bed In The World. :) I slept so well … partially thanks to the bed and partially to the extremely effective light-blocking window shade!!

The next morning we had a relaxing and romantic breakfast at the restaurant in Founder’s Inn. Then we went outside to the garden and read books until it was time to check out. Like the bookworms we are.

Here we are with sort of stupid looks on our faces, but it’s just because we’re so relaxed. So relaxed we can’t even SMILE. Whoa. :-)

The dreamy view:

Kisses for the cutest boi I’ve ever seen:

He deserved lots of kisses for taking me to such a cool place for a night. The weekend was JUST what we needed to get away from camp stress and just enjoy each other’s company. I loved being pampered and I’m so thankful for a husband who knows just what I need and just what I like, which is fun time with him!! He is awesome. And we have a 2-year anniversary coming up in just one month … I can’t believe it.

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