A perfect saturday afternoon

This past Saturday was so awesome. Sometimes I expect too much from my weekends and end up disappointed because they’re not as fun or relaxing as I hoped they would be. This Saturday was different, because I wasn’t expecting it would be so great. We had to get up early because we had a volunteer group coming in at 8:30 to help us finish staining the wood for new bunkbeds for camp.

So we got up and got to work, and the group was pretty cool and they got a TON of work done. By the time we finished at noon, nearly all of the wood was stained — a very big job. Everyone was happy. It was a good feeling. Our friend Stephen had come over to help with the volunteers, and he stayed for lunch. I reheated potato soup from last night’s dinner and quickly baked a batch of my legendary Butter Dip breadsticks. We went all out and had dark raspberry chocolate ice cream after that. :-) I love ice cream, especially Breyer’s, which this was. (On sale 2/$6 at Farm Fresh this week!)

While I was in the kitchen, Ben and Stephen pulled out this funky old game — Empire Builder, a game about trains, of all things. They played that game all afternoon. Our apartment felt so peaceful and relaxing without any noises from the TV or XBOX or anything like that. I read some blogs and then picked up the book I’m working on, which I read for approximately 7.5 minutes before falling asleep on the couch. When I woke up Ben and Stephen were still deeply engrossed in the Battle of the Trains. I made a pot of Starbucks coffee and we all had our afternoon coffee (a time-honored Norwegian tradition!) before we had to get going.

One other really nice thing that happened to me today was that Uncle Lyle stopped by with a gift of fresh rhubarb for me! He is an older man who lives here with his wife on campus. They worked in the ministry here for many years and are now retired. Everyone calls him “Uncle Lyle.” He and I had been talking earlier about how much we like rhubarb, and I had bemoaned the fact that I could never find any here in Virginia. So when he went out shopping he saw some and picked up a bag for me!



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