Roasted turkey and vegetables with orange and thyme

Last night I roasted a couple of turkey legs in the oven with some red potatoes and baby carrots. I wanted to use lemon and thyme to season it, but I didn’t have any lemon. Orange was the logical alternative and the flavor actually worked really well. The baby carrots were the yummiest — tender and full of flavor with a sweet but subtle orange glaze.

I just laid everything out on a pan and ground salt and pepper over it. Then I added very thin slices of orange (I sliced the whole orange without peeling it or anything — it’s easy!), dried thyme, and dotted it with butter here and there.

I baked it at 450 degrees (covered) until it was done. I didn’t time it but it took quite a while. I was OK with how it came out — the turkey legs were actually kind of tough. I think it might turn out better if you could put it in a roasting pan or casserole with a lid to help seal in the juices. I don’t have a big enough pan (hm, maybe I’ll have to buy one!). I was hoping for tender meat that’s falling off the bone, but what I got was sort of dried out meat that was difficult to pull off the bone.

The flavoring was really good though, so I will try this again. There are a few different options ….. I could bake it in a tightly covered casserole to see if that will keep it moist. Or I could cook the turkey in the crockpot, and just roast the vegetables with orange slices and thyme and put it all together at the end. I’d also like to try some different cuts of meat — turkey thighs, for instance, or chicken pieces would work just as well, I would think.

Here it is before we gobbled it all up. You should at least try roasting baby carrots and potatoes with salt and pepper, thyme, and orange slices. I didn’t miss the lemon at all – it was so yummy! Om nom nom. :)

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