In which I fantasize about cleaning my house.

As you all know, school is squeezing the life out of me right now. The good news today is that it’s Friday and I only have one week left. The bad news is I only have one week left. Yes, you read that right, the good news and the bad news ARE THE SAME THING. Pretty insane, huh. :-P On one hand I’m relieved that one week from tomorrow I will be finished with the semester. On the other hand, that’s scary cause there’s still lots of work to do.

Today I gave my last in-class presentation. That was two in one week. Am I ever glad they’re both over. I learned a lot from doing the research for both papers & presentations, but it was kinda stressful!! Public speaking is always a challenge for me.

Since I’ve been so busy writing papers, the housework has suffered terribly. Curse you, school … you’ve made a piggy out of me.

It wouldn’t be so bad to be a piggy if I could be that cute, though, would it?

One of the things I really can’t wait to do when the semester finishes next Friday is CLEAN. Right now I can hardly see the floor in the living room because it’s piled with books and papers. Ugh. I usually like to keep things pretty clean around here, so I really don’t enjoy livin’ the piggy life. It’s gonna be so dang satisfying to vacuum, dust, and scrub those smudges off the kitchen floor that have been bothering me for a week. CAN’T WAIT, people.

My one comfort: while my house is messy, at least I’m not quite as bad as Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. Which reminds me: I’m going to go take the garbage out right now.



  1. hairyprincess

    I’m in a similar situation! I have exams in a week and a half, and my house has gotten so messy!

    I’m thinking exactly the same way as you are the good and bad news for me is the same: that I only have a week and a half left!

    Best of luck to you

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