For a spring day

I put together an outfit that says “spring” to me. (Created on Polyvore, one of the best places to waste time I know of!)

I’m not sure if I could actually pull this look off. It looks good here … but on me? Don’t know. The pants are very, very red. Wow. It would be perfect though for a stroll through a farmer’s market or a walk down by the docks. I would definitely roll the cuffs up to a cropped length and paint the red polish on my fingernails. Matching nail polish to clothes is one of those things that’s so out it’s in. Yay for goin’ retro. :)

What’s something YOU really would like to wear but don’t know if you can make it work?

One comment

  1. Naomie

    Hats and i don’t really work…but i really need a comfy straw cowboy hat so i is gonna’ buy one even if it makes my face look somewhat akin to a llama…

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