1-1/2 weeks and I’ll be free…

…from this school of misery. Wait did I really just say that?

So. The fact that I’m 1-1/2 half weeks away from finishing the semester in seminary is why my posts have been a little on the um, non-existent side these days. Hah. Sorry ….. I miss it! I was even planning on having a cool recipe for chicken curry IN THE CROCKPOT, if you can believe it (that’s world-changing right there!) for you this week. But then, well, it sort of flopped. I was actually really surprised that it wasn’t very good. The recipe seemed legit, and the picture made it look so tasty. And when we got home from church on Sunday, the house smelled amazing. (Yes, I actually got up ON A SUNDAY and MADE SUNDAY DINNER before going to church – the EARLY service, folks. Be impressed, because it might be awhile before that happens again.) But sadly, the flavor of the curry didn’t really match its incredible aroma. It was really disappointing!

So ………… anybody have a good curry recipe to share? Preferably one that I can make in my crockpot so I can be amazing and most importantly so I can “intimidate my underlings and eliminate my overlings”? (Strongbad, Homestarrunner.com, 2006). Ooops, did I just do an in-text citation for that? Wow, school is really getting into my brainz.

OK well. This post is going nowhere fast. I have a strategy for that. Make a list. Or several lists.

Things I Have to Do Before the Semester Ends Friday 4/22:

-Finish writing this 20-page paper on the image of God in man
-Read … a lot of pages
-Give an oral presentation on my paper on the image of God in man
-Read … a lot of pages
-Write another 10-page paper on Malachi 1:10-11
-Read … a lot of pages
-Write a 4-page summary of a textbook
-Read … a lot of pages

Things I am Going to Do After the Semester Ends Friday 4/22:

-Do the happiest dance the world has ever witnessed
-Take 2.8 bazillion books (I try to be precise when I can) back to the library
-Go to Starbucks and order the hugest drink I can think of
-Give my husband lots of kisses to make up for the kisses he hasn’t gotten because I’m so busy writing papers all the time
-Clean my house. Like, really clean it … the way it needs to be cleaned …
-Promise myself that I am done with mental torture and I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER CLASS AGAIN
-Immediately forget about mental torture and that I ever made such a promise
-Start thinking about all the classes I want to take next semester

I definitely like the second list better than the first one. So I’m going to go hack away at the first list now so I can get to the second list. :)




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