One pink top two ways

I’ve been needing to update my tops a bit for spring. So yesterday I took a study break for a couple of hours and went to TJ Maxx to try to find a few things. Seems like most of the time at TJ Maxx I find tons of stuff I like and end up buying things I don’t need, or I look for ages but can’t find what I need …. but this time I got lucky and came home with two nice comfy tees for work or play this spring/summer and two dressier tops for church/school/occasions when I want to look nice.

My favorite is a pink sleeveless top with ruffles down the center. It’s the perfect layer-able spring top, and it was only $15. Huzzah. So I thought I’d use Polyvore to figure out how to style it a couple of different ways for spring. (It’s the first time I’ve used Polyvore and so far it’s a lot of fun.)

Now, the pink shirt in the picture is NOT the actual shirt I have …. it just looks kind of similar. And I certainly don’t plan on buying, now or ever, the exact other items in the sets. Most of the pics available on Polyvore are of pretty expensive clothes, but you can find similar pieces for much less if you shop around … some of my favorite places to look are H&M, Target, AE, The Limited, NY and Co …. etc.

So here’s the pink ruffled top dressed up a bit:

And dressed down a bit for a fun day out with a girlfriend or something like that:

I enjoyed putting these together because it helped me see how I could make the top work with the things I already have in my closet. For example, I already have gray shoes, a trench coat, a gray cardigan, and so on. But it also shows me the things I could add, like the brown sandals, to make the top work in more outfits. So it’s practical as well as fun! (Translation, I don’t feel so bad about wasting time playing with pictures of pretty clothes.) ;-)


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