I’ll be creative if it kills me!

Lately I’ve been making a lot of cards. For a while there I was doing the whole Hallmark thing but it was really yanking my chain (or “cooking my grits,” to use a favorite expression I’ve picked up since moving to Virginia). For one thing, I take indecision to a whole new LEVEL when I’m standing in front of an aisle of cards which are either way too sappy and rhyme-y, or have caricatures of elderly people in various states of undress. I’m sorry but that’s just not what in mind for A CARD FOR MY HUSBAND’S GRANDMOTHER. Thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, so I decided to stop wasting my time buying cards and start making them myself. It still takes time, but it’s better for my mental health. :) It feels good to dig out all my paper-crafting supplies that I have stored in mass quantities. I really need to keep working on using up all that patterned paper I have, sheesh.

If you have ever thought about hand-making cards, you should give it a try. It’s fun, you can make anything you want, and it could save you a lot of money. The #1 thing you need to buy is a box of pre-made card bases from Michael’s or some other craft store. They are usually about $10 for a box of 40 cards and envelopes in a rainbow of fun colors, sometimes even patterns (though I prefer solids for ultimate customizabilitization … YES, that is a word!!). And if you have a 40% off Michael’s coupon, well, you’re awesome. That’s just all there is to it.

These are from Michael’s and the brand is “DCWV.” I have no idea what that means. Feel free to come up with some possibilities. Those are only some of the colors in the box … yum.

After that you can go crazy with paper and pens and alphabet stickers (DON’T forget the alphabet stickers) and whatever you want, but you really have to have the pre-made cards and envelopes. So when your husband tells you it’s his grandmother’s birthday tomorrow (“WHAT?! It’s your grandmother’s birthday TOMORROW!??”) you don’t have to go find some random envelope and try to cut out a card to fit the envelope, and fail miserably and end up in the drug store on the way to the birthday party, staring at cards with pictures of …… never mind. INSTEAD, you can whip out a pre-made card and have something cute ready in 10 minutes and be the hero.

Here’s what I made today. Pretty flowers for spring… ‘scuse the mediocre picture quality, I’m no expert. If you got a problem with it, well, you can buy me a dSLR. Haha.

Probably my favorite from the day. You can also see my basket-on-a-pedestal thing from IKEA. It thinks it’s a bowl, hahaha. I love that thing though. It looks all artistic with fruit in it. And even without fruit in it it still looks pretty dang artistic.

All three that I made this afternoon.

And that was about all I got done all afternoon. *sigh* Today has just not been terribly productive. I’ve had a cold and have not been getting better very fast, probably due to end-of-semester stress and lack of sleep. Last night I was such a total wreck when I went to bed that I mistakenly set my alarm for one hour LATER than I needed to get up. Nice.

Alarm: Bippity boop! Bippity boop! Bippity boop!
Bethany: Uhhhhhhhhh.
Ben: Bethany, it’s 7:30.
Bethany: No, it’s not.
Ben: Yes, it is.
Bethany: NO!! IT ISN’T!! It has to be 6:30!!
Ben: Ummmm, yes, it’s 7:30.
Bethany: WHAT HAPPENED?! I gotta be at chapel at 8!! I have to leave in 10 minutes!!!

Ugh, what a way to wake up. So that kind of threw off the whole day. But Ben took me out for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (small, family-owned, authentic Italian) and that made my day a whole lot happier. He’s a sweetie. I should make a card for him, too.


One comment

  1. Naomie

    WoWowwwoooOO…Truly your creativity doth blow my mind away!
    And i tried to say that…word…whatever it was…Creativezabizaility?…for like 5 minutes…still can’t ;)

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