Weekend Plans/April Fool’s Day

Let’s hear it for fools …. today is their day. :D

My weekend plans are kinda boring, folks. I have a paper to work on, due Tuesday. I don’t have TOO much work left on it, but enough work that I know I won’t be doing much besides writing all weekend. It’s about death and the afterlife. Morbid, huh?

It’s been a long week, and even though I don’t have big plans for the weekend I am looking forward to a couple of quiet days to just stay home in my cozy apartment with Ben. The weather has been so gross lately too – cloudy all the time and rain, rain, rain. It makes me feel sleepy, so I may take the opportunity this weekend to catch a mid-afternoon nap or two. :)

Did anyone get april-fooled today? I did at one of the blogs I read, but otherwise I’ve just been enjoying hearing about the other pranks around the internets. Google is up to its usual tricks with Gmail Motion …. and there’s the ever-popular Youtube 1911 (you have to watch that movie!). But in my opinion, ThinkGeek takes the cake with endlessly weird options for those easily fooled (or easily entertained). They have really outdone themselves. Today’s the day to go purchase an Edible Gummy iPhone Case (always indispensable) or invest in a state-of-the-art Programmable Tattoo System. It’s sad, but I think I know a few people who would actually want to buy the Playmobil Apple Store Play Set for their kids. But my personal favorite is The Original Shirt Plate. So high-tech: “In lounge position, the plate sits directly below your mouth.” These guys think of everything!!

And that’s just a few of the really, really unique items at ThinkGeek today. Better head on over people and get your laughs before the day is over. Have a good one!!


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