I <3 T-shirts

Actually, the title of this post would be pretty cool on a T-shirt … :)

So lately I’ve come across some T-shirts online that really make me smile. I want to buy them, but I don’t really need them. But I thought I’d show you some of my faves … cause these T-shirts deserve to be appreciated.

From Mental Floss, this one falls into the “irony” category. Which I appreciate.

I teach arts and crafts at camp in the summer, and I would rock this one from Snorg Tees all summer long.

This one is what you call tongue-in-cheek. Also from Snorg. Such a satisfying twist on the ubiquitous “I heart NY.”

This one (another Snorg) just makes me LOL. ROTFLOL, to be exact. Hahahahaha….

This one is from one of the best time-wasting websites out there, Engrish.com. I am not sure what this shirt means, but the way it is phrased is just humorous. When you wake up feeling awful and realize you’re coming down with something, groaning out this phrase just feels right somehow.

The best therapy I’ve found so far for wanting to buy tons of funny t-shirts for myself is buying funny t-shirts for other people. If anyone reading this has a birthday coming up, leave me a comment and let me know which shirt you want. :P


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