Wishful thinking: Spa weekend

It’s been a long week. The kind of week that you just want to get away once it’s over. Unfortunately, this weekend doesn’t lend itself to a getaway, but hey, I can still dream. So for this week’s addition of “Wishful Thinking,” I’m going to imagine that this weekend Ben and I are going to Atlantic City, NJ where we will relax at a spa all weekend long.

Photo: Immersion Spa

Rand McNally tells me the trip from here to Atlantic City is about 6 hours. Not too bad, but that’s still quite a bit of driving just for a weekend trip. No problem though since I’m not actually going. :) (And anyway, I love road trips of almost any length because I know the secrets to great road trips: It’s ALL about the snacks. A good book-on-CD helps too.)

I was browsing around the official tourism website for Atlantic City and overall the place seems a bit ……. sketchy. Maybe that’s not the right word, but it’s the one that comes to mind. Seems like most of what the city has to offer is casinos and nightclubs, which is great of course if you like casinos and nightclubs, but that’s not really what I had in mind.

Fortunately the thing about a spa (especially a luxury spa) is you don’t have to leave …. in fact, you don’t WANT to leave. I found a spa, The Immersion Spa at the Water Club at Borgata, that looks like the kind of spa you don’t want to leave. Couples massage? Sure. Leisurely swim in my choice of four different pools? Oh, why not. Custom-designed beds and plush robes and slippers? Bring it on.

Photo: Immersion Spa

The reviews on this spa are interesting. One person rants, “Essentially I paid $150 for someone to rub hot oil on me.” Hmm … I can think of worse things than that. (Of course, to be fair, I didn’t fork over $150.) Another person has the interesting complaint that “I also wish they had more of a beverage selection. A small shot glass of grapefruit juice just didn’t do the trick.” Wow. When I go, I’ll have to remember to bring a nice big mug from home, and when I see them pulling out the grapefruit juice, ask them to fill ‘er up. Anyway, I still think Ben and I would enjoy this spa, especially now that we’ve been warned of potential beverage stinginess and pricey hot oil treatments. Whew.

Ahhhh, well, I’m feeling more relaxed already. I think that’s enough wishful thinking for one weekend. And now I have to go get ready for my REAL weekend, which will include working and studying, but hopefully some fun, too. Tonight I think Ben and I are going to go watch a “movie on the lawn.” Regent University (where we got our master’s degrees) shows movies on the lawn from time to time, and tonight it’s “Gulliver’s Travels.” They have concessions and stuff too. It’s a good time.

Happy weekend, everyone!



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