Hello Monday!

We had a great weekend here that included going to our good friends’ wedding and reception, shopping for summer clothes, going to church, and relaxing with a few movies. It was one of those nice weekends that is relaxing and productive at the same time. We picked up a bunch of summer clothes for Ben, including some new t-shirts which will hopefully inject life into his Tired Old T-Shirt Collection. I got a great pair of bermuda shorts which made me very happy because I need 5 pairs for camp this summer and the ones I currently have are just about worn out. It’s really hard to find shorts long enough for my flamingo legs. Hahaha …

The movies we watched turned out to be good, too. Don’t you hate wasting two hours of your life watching a really lame movie? Yeah. Me too. We watched Julie & Julia (which somehow I had never seen) and Fantastic Mr. Fox. I really like them both and would watch them both again — Julie & Julia for Meryl Streep and Fantastic Mr. Fox for George Clooney’s voice. :)

Anyway, besides all that fun stuff, we managed to make a gigantic mess all over the house, as we do nearly every weekend. I keep up with the housework pretty well all week, but once the weekend is here, for some reason, I feel justified in letting things slide. I guess I’m just lazy. And I don’t feel too bad about being lazy every so often. But when you don’t have a dishwasher, the dishes can pile up pretty quickly. And it doesn’t take long for the clutter to take over when you live in four small rooms.

Half the fun of making a mess, though, is cleaning it up later (I think so anyway). I love Mondays because I can start the week out by cleaning the house, buying the groceries, and getting things in shape again. At the end of the day, I feel like the world is a better place. It’s such a good feeling. There are so many things in life where you have to wait months or years to see the results of your work. Sometimes you never do. But cleaning is so different. Just swish, swish, swish and everything is fluffy and shiny and smells good. Instant gratification. :)




  1. Your Red Ant

    Absotutly Luvely! You are a master blogger! Love the old pix too. Waiting since Christmas for your black bean soup recipe. Don’t know how you have time to keep up all your social networking and blogging. I hardly have time to read it all but when I do it is MOST enjoyable!!!!!!! Thanks for the entertainment.

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