This is the Friday-est Friday I’ve had in a while. It feels SO good. Maybe it’s because I finished the class I was taking this week that had me getting up at 6 am every morning. Don’t misunderstand, the class was great … there’s nothing like academia, I LOVE IT … but it feels good to be done. I really feel like I accomplished something in that class! We went through the Old Testament books of Haggai and Malachi and got em all done in a week.

Of course, we’ve been reading and studying and writing about Haggai and Malachi since January, and we still have to write papers and take a test and fun stuff like that, but the actual class time is now behind me, and it was great. The professor was awesome. Someday I would like to be that knowledgeable about something – anything! :P I feel like now I have a good overall understanding of the books of Haggai and Malachi — of course I could do tons more in-depth studying, but that’s OK; I like that feeling of knowing there’s lots left to learn in a topic that interests me. Hey, if you ever want to learn about the post-exilic period in Jewish history, just study the books of Haggai and Malachi. For such short books, there’s a lot of information there.

Another reason why this Friday is so yummy is the weather. It’s currently about 75 degrees, bright sunshine, the most beautiful day we’ve had so far this year. Before those of you who still live in semi-freezing conditions start hurling large objects at your computer screen, I will hasten to say that this is not typical! And in a couple of months it will be so unbearably hot that I will be wishing I could live inside a refrigerator, so living in Virginia Beach isn’t always like being paradise. Not at all. But today, I hafta say “paradise” would be a good description. The warm sun feels so good, there are blooming trees and flowers everywhere, and the birds are singing.

I think Mendelssohn does a much better job of describing spring than I ever could.


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