Objects of desire: yellow dresses & tops

I know, I should be posting about green things today, but the color on my mind today is yellow. It’s starting to feel like spring, and I want everything to be colorful. In my opinion, yellow is one of the best colors for spring and summer. You can wear it in the fall/winter too, of course (I mean, I’m not going to stop you!!) but it feels so right around Easter when things are starting to bud, bloom and blossom. Right now I could go with just about any shade of yellow —  bold sunshine yellow, or soft butter yellow, even neon yellow. Even mustard yellow, but not too mustardy because that would feel like fall.

Today I’m thinking that a fun yellow dress would be a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. It would be such a happy color to wear. Other people would also appreciate it because taking one look at me in my yellow dress would be like a shot of caffeine in the morning — “OK I’m awake now!”

Modcloth has some cool vintage-inspired yellow dresses. I won’t be buying any of them because most of their dresses are over $90, but it’s fun to look. I think if I put on one of these dresses I would probably get the overwhelming urge to put on a tiny little frilly apron and high heels and start running frantically around the house with a fluffy feather duster, my mind buzzing with thoughts of laundry and dinner and 1950s feminine angst.


Pretty, pretty. I do love dresses, and at that time of the year when spring seems to finally get the best of winter, there are just too many cute dresses out there wanting to be worn! I don’t know if I will find the perfect yellow dress this year, but I know I want to add SOME yellow to my wardrobe. I only have one yellow top in my closet and I think it’s 3 or 4 years old. I have a 30% off coupon to the Limited (can you tell I like the Limited? Because I do.) … maybe I can score a sweet summer top there, like one of these:

Who knows, maybe one of them will soon be mine … evil laugh. My coupon expires a week from today, so I’d better get right on that. I’ll put it on my “high priority” list. At least that’s one job I very likely will not procrastinate. :D


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