Crazy week

It was not my intention to skip posting all this week, but the week turned out to be a lot busier than I thought. It’s spring break at seminary, but I have a class this semester that is online except for one week of intense class time on (you guessed it) spring break week. So I’ve been going to class every morning this week and I have to get up early for that, and in addition we had a guest staying with us for part of the week, so lots has been happening around here!

It’s crazy to think that there’s not much more than one month left before I’ll be finished with school for the semester. My last class is April 22, and it’s the 17th of March today. (Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day, and as always, I forgot to wear green.) Right after school is done I am planning on flying to Minnesota to visit my family for a week or so.

I’ve been keeping an eye on ticket prices, hoping they will go down, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Buying airline tickets is never fun … you never know if the prices are going to drop or rise the next day, so no matter what price you get, you never feel 100% good about it (at least I don’t). I usually fly Southwest and they’re not terribly expensive, plus you get free bags. But there are few things in my life that I regularly spend $300 to $400 on all at once, so it seems like a lot of money to me. It’s totally worth it to see my family …. I just wish there were a cheaper way. There isn’t, though. Driving would take days, and with the cost of gas (currently $3.42 or so around here – ouch!), you wouldn’t save money.

I do like flying Southwest because they tend to be a little more relaxed. They’re the only airline I know where the flight attendants sometimes turn the mind-numbing safety speech into a stand-up comedy routine! If I had a choice, though, I think I would definitely give Lutheran Airlines a try:

Hahahaha …. that’s a nice dose of humor when high ticket prices get me feeling cranky. :) The best part is, going to Minnesota, I run into so many people who talk a lot like that. It’s a funny place. Land of 10,000 lakes (lots more if you count the little ones), and of city-dwelling liberals and country-dwelling conservatives. It’s also the home of the potluck supper, where all those liberals and conservatives gather to eat hotdish and  talk about the potential for a blizzard this weekend. Yep. You betcha. Good deal.


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