Objects of desire: high-heeled shoes

I’ve never really been a shoe person. I’m tall, so for most of my life I didn’t wear heels much or ever. I love flats and always will wear them, but since I avoided pretty much any shoes with heels, that meant I couldn’t wear a LOT of shoes. It didn’t help that my size, 10, can be hard to find. So I didn’t buy shoes very often. I would buy a few pairs of inexpensive ballet flats and wear them for a few years until they were shredded and I had to buy more.

Lately that has changed, though. I’ve started to embrace being tall and I regularly wear shoes with heels when I dress up for something (although most of the time I still stick with flat shoes; they’re so much more comfortable). I don’t plan on ever buying platform shoes; it just doesn’t make sense. I’m already 5’10”, so why in the world would I add a 2″ chunk to the bottom of my shoe? Plus they feel weird. But I have started to realize the possibilities of buying shoes with heels. There are just so many out there.

For Valentine’s Day Ben gave me a beautiful pair of shoes, Ann Marino “Lottery” from DSW. That was quite the story in itself — Valentine’s Day I open the box and pull out two LEFT shoes, one size 9 and one size 10 (I’m a 10). Poor Ben. He had ordered them from DSW’s website and obviously someone had made a big mistake. Fortunately though when he called them they shipped us another pair second day, $10 off. So it worked out. Anyway, here they are.

I love them. They look elegant, and since they’re gray with black bows, they go with all my gray and black skirts, tights, etc. I probably wear them once a week.

Now that I am open to the possibilities of wearing heeled shoes, I am a little overwhelmed with all the choices. I have decided that I will buy a pair of good quality brown leather sandals for spring/summer. A year ago, I would have looked exclusively for flat sandals. But now I have to decide, should I get something with a heel? I love how heels look, but they don’t always feel very good, and I also don’t like towering over people ALL the time. ;-) It’s so hard to decide ….

Here’s a nice-looking and practical gladiator sandal (SE Boutique “Gaynes,” DSW). Probably comfortable to walk in, but might make my ankles look fat. They’re already quite … substantial. :)

These are my favorite (Franco Sarto “Typhoon,” DSW). They’re somehow chunky but elegant at the same time.

Well, we’ll see. There’s really only room for one expensive-ish pair of shoes for me in our clothing budget for the next few months, aside from cheap flip-flops and maybe a $25 pair of Converse tennies for work this summer. It’s going to be a tough decision.

Hey, at least I know that this next shoe is NOT on the list. Can anyone tell me why someone would pay $300 for a pair of shoes that’s nothing but a flat sole and two (count ’em one-two) teeny straps?

Why, because they’re Giuseppe Zanotti, of course!

Oh …. of course.


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