First post: bedroom decor inspiration

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on here … but I don’t really like writing typical “first post” entries (cue the endless reasons for starting a blog, apologies in advance for lack of regular posting, embarrassment at not knowing “how to work this thing”). So I thought I would start by posting something I worked on today that I’m really excited about.

Last night I couldn’t sleep until after 4 am. It was my own fault — I made the bad decision to have a nice cup of coffee before bed. It’s a decision I have made before, usually with similar consequences, but I love coffee and sometimes it makes me do stupid things. Anyway, while I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling and cursing the cup of coffee which had been so delicious when I was drinking it out of my favorite gold-handled mug, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration about the design for my bedroom which I have been stuck on for months.

Here’s what I came up with:

This was the first mood board I’d ever made, so don’t hate, k? It’s amateur, but I’m working on that. =D


Reims gray ottoman –
Pillows –
Moroccan blue velvet curtains –
Fuzzy white blanket – Pier 1
Glass lamp – Lamps Plus
Gray silk lamp shade – Lamps Plus
Floor mirror – West Elm
Faux sheepskin – Ikea

There are obviously a few things missing from this bedroom mood board: (a) bedding and (b) furniture. For the bedding I have a gray duvet cover in mind, but couldn’t find the right picture online. As far as furniture goes .. well, we’ve been borrowing some of the furniture we have in our bedroom (large dresser + one nightstand)¬† from someone, but we recently found out they need their furniture back, so we’re going to have to go dresser shopping. So right now I don’t know how the furniture scene is going to look, but I know we’ll end up with something classic, probably in a dark wood stain.

Some of the things on the design board are just there because I like that kind of thing. I’m not going to buy every exact item on there, for example the West Elm mirror that costs like $300. For several of the items I’m going to have to find cheaper options, some of them I hope to buy, and some I already own (like the sheepskin).

I showed it to Ben this evening and as usual he was cool and accepting about it: “Looks good babe, let’s do it.” (Man am I ever glad I married him!!) So I am thrilled to announce that the blue velvet curtains I’ve been stalking on forever are now on their way to my house. I am excited and really hoping they’re the right shade. It’s so hard to tell in a picture sometimes.

We stick to a budget, so I certainly won’t have the bedroom all put together anytime soon, but I’m glad that I finally have a plan I can work toward. It’s going to be SO much better than the current look we have going on, which is about as blah as you can get, thanks to white walls (no painting allowed) and an unfortunate choice of beige bedding (what was I thinking?!).

Anyway, I’m off to that death-by-neutrals bedroom to get some much needed sleep, so goodnight…


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